PHIL 5100. Ethics and Health Care. 3 Hours.

A study of ethical issue in health care delivery, with special emphasis on topics such as abortion, euthanasia, paternalism and autonomy, confidentiality, medical experimentation and informed consent, allocation of scarce resources, and the right to health care.

PHIL 6120. Ethics and Public Policy. 3 Hours.

A study of ethical issues involved in public policy, with special emphasis on issues such as affirmative action, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, free speech and privacy.

PHIL 6220. Ethics and Public Administration. 3 Hours.

A study of ethical issues in public administration, with special emphasis on developing analytical skills in ethical decision-making in the public sector, highlighting the role of ethics and professional responsibility in public service, and identifying situations involving professional malfeas- ance such as conflict of interest.