PBIS 8130. Administration in PBIS. 3 Hours.

Designed to help practitioners develop critical frameworks for designing and evaluating educational practices and programs within the context of current trends and issues in the administration of PBIS. Emphasis is placed on the district level team and faculty buy in for school wide implementation.

PBIS 8131. Critical Issues in PBIS. 3 Hours.

Candidates will identify and address a series of critical issues in Positive Behavior Interventions and support from the standpoint of how such issues impact on the practice of discipline in their classroom, school, and system. Historical and current research will be reviewed as they relate to identified issues. Discussions of methods for addressing such issues within the context of the public schools will be a major focus of the course.

PBIS 8839. PBIS Data Decision-Making. 3 Hours.

Designed for those graduates with interest in data collection and decision making strategies aligned with PBIS.