Official acceptance or denial is verified by a letter from the Graduate School. Students can check the progress of their application by going to the Graduate School homepage and selecting the application status feature. Students who were previously enrolled but have not been in attendance within the last three semesters must apply to the Graduate School for readmission. Former students who completed graduate degrees at VSU and who wish to seek another graduate degree at VSU must submit a new Graduate Application for Admission/Readmission and fee. In addition, they should check with the Graduate School to determine what, if any, previously submitted materials are on file. Students seeking to change graduate programs or change their status from non-degree to degree-seeking must submit a new application and fee in addition to any materials required for the new program or status.

Graduate Admission Appeals Process

Any applicant who is denied admission to a graduate program at Valdosta State University has the right to appeal the decision.

There are three levels of appeal: (1) the department level, (2) the college level, and (3) the Graduate School level. The Graduate School will not hear an admission appeal unless the applicant has exhausted the appellate procedures in the department and college and has been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution of the problem. A denied applicant must initiate the appeal within 30 days of the date noted on the official denial letter sent by the Graduate School.

Please visit the Graduate School website for details on the appeals process. The applicant completes the top portion of the form and provides an explanation for the basis of the appeal. Please include any supporting documents related to the appeal. Next, the applicant must contact the program coordinator for his or her program to discuss the appeal. The applicant must be prepared to submit any additional materials needed by the department appeals committee. The applicant should submit the completed appeal form, as well as any supporting or required documents, to the Graduate School. The form will be forwarded to the appropriate department. An applicant who is denied admission by the department may appeal to the college.

Applicants whose appeals have been denied at the departmental and college levels may submit the appeal form to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research. Once the appeals form, signed by the department head and the dean of the college (or chair of the College Graduate Appeals Committee), is received by the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research, the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research will contact the applicant to discuss the appeal. The Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research will notify each applicant, in writing, of the final decision of the Graduate School.