EDRD 7600. Theory and Pedagogy in the Study of Reading. 3 Hours.

This course addresses methodologies and materials used in developmental reading programs. Students analyze strategies, materials, and organizational designs for teaching reading to all students including those representing diverse cultural and linguistic communities. Course may extend beyond one term.

EDRD 7630. Literacy in the Content Areas. 3 Hours.

In this course students examine reading and writing instructional strategies and materials in the content area classroom. Emphases are on adolescent literacy development, the process of reading and writing in the middle and secondary schools, the role of textbooks and trade books, concept development, comprehension, vocabulary, and study strategies. Course may extend beyond one term.

EDRD 7650. Individualized Literacy Assessment and Instruction. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: EDRD 6600 or 7600 or equivalent. This course introduces the use of formal and informal assessments of students' reading and writing abilities. Emphases include instructional strategies for working with a variety of literacy learners across the developmental continuum and a practicum experiences in which students compile literacy profiles of students using a case study approach.