EDAT 5999. Professional Orientation. 0 Hours.

Required non-credit course that must be successfully completed at entry to advanced programs. Candidates are required to establish an electronic portfolio and provide evidence that all advanced entry requirements have been satisfactorily met.

EDAT 6000. Professional Decision Making. 3 Hours.

Preparation for making informed decisions about effective practices, assessment of learning, and professional actions that will enable them to optimize both instructional performance and student achievement. This course will focus on the self-assessment of individual student understanding and application of master teacher outcomes based on National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

EDAT 6001. Using Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning. 3 Hours.

Advanced study of the critical role of formative and summative assessment implementation and evaluation in an effective standards-based P-12 classroom. The course addresses knowledge of assessment theory and skill in effective practice.

EDAT 6115. Knowledge of Students and Their Learning. 3 Hours.

A critical examination of research and theories relevant to effective teaching and learning, student and teacher motivation, at-risk students, classroom management, variability in student learning, self-esteem, behavioral learning, cognitive learning, social learning, brain-based learning, multiple intelligences, and assessment. The course requires a thirty-hour field experience (15 hours in the content area; 15 hours in special education) in the public school classroom.

EDAT 6119. Infusing 21st Century Technology Across the Content Areas. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree and valid teaching certificate. This course is part of the on-line M.Ed. in Accomplished Teaching. This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to acquire skills and practice in selecting, using, producing, and managing 21st century instructional technology tools in the PreK-12 classroom. The course teaches teachers how to infuse technology into all aspects of teaching and learning. Teachers learn how to design technology-infused projects that will motivate students and help them meet specific curricular standards.

EDAT 6159. Multicultural Studies across the Curriculum. 3 Hours.

An examination of professional literature, curricula, and teaching practices related to cultural diversity in education settings. The course critically examines how traditional education promotes or hinders student success, and identifies the elements of culturally responsive pedagogy and their application to curriculum development and learning. Includes a required 10-hour field experience in which teachers explore the cultural resources of the communities in which they work.

EDAT 6217. Literacy and Learning Strategies Across the Curriculum. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree and valid teaching certificate. This course is part of the on-line M.Ed. in Accomplished Teaching. This course investigates reading-writing-learning connections and strategies for developing content literacy in mathematics, science, English language arts, and social science. Application to P-12 classroom is required as well as reflective evaluation of content literacy research.

EDAT 6226. Curriculum Design for Student Achievement. 3 Hours.

Investigation of best practices in curriculum development, curriculum alignment reflecting state and national standards and assessment in ensuring high student achievement. The course explores subject-specific pedagogical content, related content areas, inclusion of resources and technology that enhance curriculum development and implementation in the classroom. The course requires a thirty-hour field experience in the public school environment in activities related to curriculum development and alignment.

EDAT 7100. Research Methodology in Education. 3 Hours.

A survey of education and educationally-related research methods incorporating an applied approach to research design. The ability to read, interpret, conduct and report research is emphasized to improve practice in educational settings.

EDAT 7131. Enhancing Student Performance. 3 Hours.

Best practices for selecting and adapting curriculum instructions resources and assessments in order in maximize student learning. The course provides teachers with ways to identify, analyze, and use results from student assessments to plan instruction aimed at enhancing and demonstrating student learning.

EDAT 7132. Framework for Teaching. 3 Hours.

A study of teaching and learning strategies associated with effective teaching practices. Emphasis is placed upon the relationships that exist between student development, instructional practices, educational environments, continuous reflection and assessment, learning communities, and dispositions of the profession.

EDAT 7133. Trends, Issues and Research in Education. 3 Hours.

Frameworks for designing and evaluating educational practices and programs within the context of current trends and issues in education. Emphasis is placed on specific research findings and their applications to practice, in addition to the development of analytical and communicative skills needed to improve teaching and learning.