ECED 5010. Student Teaching - Inclusive ECED. 5 Hours.

Prerequisites: Completion of all undergraduate coursework with a grade of "C" or higher and requirements to student teach as listed in the University's Undergraduate Catalog. Co-requisite: ECED 5020. Guided professional experience in an elementary grade (P-5). Student teachers practice teaching and managing a classroom under the supervision of a full-time master teacher and university supervisor in an off-campus setting. The experience includes observations, participation, teaching, and other activities, which make a direct contribution to an achievement of basic concepts, skills, and principles in the teaching-learning process. A minimum of twenty (20) contact hours per week is required in the school for the entire semester.

ECED 5020. Seminar - Inclusive ECED. 1 Hour.

Co-requisite; ECED 5010. This seminar is a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relating to the responsibilities of professional ethical practices. Topics include direct intervention issues, advocacy, collaboration, diversity and any others that arise during student teaching.

ECED 7420. Child, Family, and Society. 2 Hours.

Examination of the research and dominant theories of human development and sociocultural development within the context of the family, community, and society. Strategies for collaboration between home and school will be emphasized, and inter-agency cooperation within the community will be examined in relation to the benefits for young children and their families. The student will investigate a variety of community agencies serving children and families to enhance and apply an understanding of community resources which support the education of young children.

ECED 7430. Integrating Math, Science, and Technology in Early Childhood Education. 3 Hours.

Explores the integration of curriculum in math, science, and technology. Special emphasis is placed on the utilization of inquiry methods fro enhancing children's ability to analyze, to evaluate, and to make inferences from oral, written, and visual materials. Methodology for developing the skills of problem solving, decision making, and critical and creative thinking skills is explored. The use of computer technology to enhance the math, science, and technology curriculum will be included. The student will plan and implement curricular improvement based on theory and practice examined in the course.

ECED 8420. Special Topic: International Perspectives in ECE. 3 Hours.

Directed readings in international perspectives in early childhood education. Emphasis is placed on the international impact of contemporary early childhood education and research on young children in early childhood settings and programs throughout the world.