EDMS 6001. Assessment for Instruction. 3 Hours.

Overview and introductory study of the critical role of formative and summative assessment implementation and evaluation in an effective standards-based P-12 classroom. The course addresses knowledge of assessment theory and skill in practice at the basic level of the Extended Georgia Framework for Teaching and is appropriate for students pursing initial teaching certificates. A weekly field experience is a required component of the course.

EDMS 6115. Knowledge of Students. 3 Hours.

Interrelationships between human development, teaching and learning, including stage theories of development and age characteristics of learners, and understanding diversity and socioeconomic differences. Meets PSC requirement for teaching children with special needs. Requires 60 hours of field experience.

EDMS 6474. Technology as a Teaching and Learning Tool. 3 Hours.

Technology as a Teaching and Learning Tool.