FREN 5630. Topics in French Language or Literature. 1 Hour.

Intensive study to improve the student's ability in a particular area of French language or Francophone literature This course requires independent work of the student and may be repeated with different topics for a total of 3 hours.

FREN 6010. Advanced Grammar and Composition. 3 Hours.

An advanced study of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, with refinement of writing skills through composition. As part of the Georgia French Collaborative, this is a distance-learning course conducted in French.

FREN 6400. French Phonetics and Advanced Conversation. 3 Hours.

Study of phonetic principles and their applications.

FREN 6410. French Composition and Advanced Grammar. 3 Hours.

Advanced study of grammar, practical composition, and refinement of written expression.

FREN 6900. Special Topics. 3 Hours.

Special Topics in French language or French or Francophone literature, civilization, or culture. May be repeated for credit if the topics are different.

FREN 6950. Directed Study. 3 Hours.

Study in an area or topic of Francophone literature or the French language not normally found in established courses offered by the department. The work is done under the supervision of a professor.