CIED 7060. Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Integration. 3 Hours.

An exploration of curriculum issues and trends, curriculum development, integration of technology into the curriculum, implementation of innovative instructional techniques, and legal/ethical issues across content areas and grade levels.

CIED 7601. Course Management Systems for E-Learning. 3 Hours.

The study and ethical practice of facilitating online learning through integrated course management systems.

CIED 7602. Resources and Strategies for E-Learning. 3 Hours.

Practical experiences in selection, implementation, and evaluation of digital resources and strategies for teaching and learning.

CIED 7603. Design and Delivery of Instruction for E-Learning. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: CIED 7601 and 7602. Supervised online field-based experience in design, delivery, and evaluation of standards-based content to an appropriate student population.

CIED 7604. Pedagogical Aspects of Race and Culture in Education. 3 Hours.

Identification of problems related to race, culture, and schooling, with review of the academic literature, proposed pedagogical solutions, and approaches to addressing diversity in the classroom, with emphasis on the students' areas of certification.

CIED 9100. Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation. 3 Hours.

Application design, implementation, and evaluation of curricula to promote student learning.

CIED 9200. Instructional Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. 3 Hours.

Advanced planning, implementation, and evaluation of instruction to facilitate student learning.

CIED 9210. Instructional Design. 3 Hours.

Advanced study of theory and practical application of designing instruction.

CIED 9220. Instructional Development and Production. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: CIED 9210. Advanced study of theory and practical application of developing and producing instruction.

CIED 9280. Application of Research Methods in Learning and Development Settings. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: CIED 9220. Study and application inquiry in the learning and development domain. Creating and extending knowledge related to the discipline will be emphasized.

CIED 9300. Using Assessment to Maximize Student Learning. 3 Hours.

Advanced design and development of multiple sources of assessment to maximize student learning.

CIED 9400. Review of Academic Discipline and Pedagogy Literature. 3 Hours.

Advanced analysis and synthesis of pedagogy related to the literature of the academic discipline documented through application of conventions of academic writing using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

CIED 9500. Curriculum and Instruction Implementation and Evaluation. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: CIED 9400. Application of formative and summative data collection, analysis, and reporting techniques for planning and conducting evaluations of curricula and instruction.

CIED 9600. Dissertation Topic Conceptualization. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Completion of major courses and approval of advisor. Seminar for the development of the dissertation topic.

CIED 9700. Race, Culture, and Schooling. 3 Hours.

Identification of problems related to race, culture, and schooling and an exploration of some of the proposed solutions. Issues of diversity and multicultural education will frame the course, and the focus will be on the education of African American students.

CIED 9900. Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction. 1-3 Hours.

Advanced study of specific contemporary issues in curriculum and instruction. Course may be repeated under different topics.

CIED 9999. Dissertation in Curriculum and Instruction. 1-6 Hours.

Prerequisite: Completion of major courses and approval of advisor or dissertation chair. Development and defense of the dissertation proposal and the dissertation. Must be taken each fall and spring semester until dissertation is completed. Number of hours taken per term must be approved by the dissertation chair. A minimum of 9 hours must be completed.