EDMT 7360. Integration of Technology in Mathematics Instruction. 3 Hours.

Students examine the role of technologies in the teaching and learning of mathematics, with a particular focus on classrooms within urban environments. Course includes hands on experience with graphing calculators, computer software tools, Internet resources, and instructional materials for integrating technology in mathematics instruction.

EDMT 7560. Theory and Pedagogy of Mathematics Instruction. 3 Hours.

Theory and Pedagogy of Mathematics Instruction. Students examine classroom practices in mathematics through implementation of reflective practice and action research. A review of the literature includes an examination and articulation of theoretical frameworks for mathematics teaching and learning as they relate to classroom practice. Research focuses on equity, teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, and technology issues in a standard-based classroom.

EDMT 8430. Sociocultural and Sociohistorical Issues of Mathematics Instruction. 3 Hours.

Students explore cultural, economic, political, and social structures and discourses as they relate to mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning, and research in mathematics. Course includes an examination of how research in mathematics and mathematics education is framed and enacted within different theoretical frameworks.