HEDL 7650. Leadership Issues in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

The processes of effective leadership and their relationship to the success of educational and educationally-related programs at the community level will be analyzed. Organization and administration of relevant settings with a focus on the competencies necessary for leadership and management at the community level.

HEDL 7700. The Community and Technical College. 3 Hours.

A study or survey of the philosophy, history, and development of community and technical colleges in America, including the social, economic, and political forces affecting these institutions. The course also explores the rationale and techniques for keeping instructional and organizational functions responsive to the changing educational and workforce needs of the community.

HEDL 7800. Organization and Governance of Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the organization of post-secondary institutions, the governance of these institutions, and the day-to-day as well as the long term administration of such institutions. This course is appropriate for those who are now or will be working in post-secondary education at any level as it offers explanation and increased understanding of the organizational dynamics of institutions of higher education.

HEDL 7810. Finance and Budgeting in Higher and Education. 3 Hours.

This course considers all sources of financing of higher education, the types and sources of student financial aid, budgeting, and cost effectiveness analysis. In addition, the articulation of each of these issues with the institution's mission and goals is a major thrust of the course.

HEDL 7820. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the concept of institutional effectiveness which focuses on an institution's ability to use planning strategies and evaluation information to assess current performance and plan for improvements. The design and appropriate implementation of assessment and evaluation methods as they relate to addressing various accreditation standards will be examined. Examples of how to develop a comprehensive system of evaluation related to missions and goals will be described for academic and non-academic support units.

HEDL 7840. History and Philosophy of Higher Education. 3 Hours.

A study of the history and philosophy of higher education and student affairs. Students will be introduced to the environments, institutions, and individuals that shaped higher education in the United States. Readings and course activities related historical record and perspective to contemporary policy and practice.

HEDL 7850. Ethics and Standards in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

The definition and concept of ethics; important ethical thinkers through a historical and ideation methodology; and theoretical application and analysis of different ethical codes in higher education. Students study and submit appropriate codes of ethics for their specific disciplines within higher education.

HEDL 7860. Student Development Theory. 3 Hours.

This course studies the development of the individual post-secondary education student. The major philosophies of student and individual development will be examined, in light of current adult development theories. The emphasis of the course will be on the specialized and development needs of the post-secondary education student.

HEDL 7865. Collegiate Environments. 3 Hours.

A study of collegiate environments and campus ecology theory. Students will study the pattern of relationships among students and the college campus's social and physical environments.

HEDL 7870. Introduction to Higher Education Leadership. 3 Hours.

An overview of historical, philosophical, legal, and cultural foundations of students personnel work with attention to professional standards, competencies, and ethics and principle values.

HEDL 7880. Counseling in Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

Experiences in helping skills and interventions techniques, skills in designating and implementing individual and group interventions, and skills in developing mentoring relationships. Emphasis is placed on basic counseling skills and techniques for work in student affairs setting.

HEDL 7890. Technology in Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

Technology-based projects and strategies to support teaching and working with diverse learners. Class activities will enhance learning concerning ever-changing culture and inclusion. Use of the Internet and print resources will enable the students to participate in analysis and critique of different management and planning strategies.

HEDL 7921. Internship Preparation in Higher Education Leadership. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Permission of Advisor. A supervised internship relevant to the student's program in post-secondary leadership is provided. This field experience is focused on acquiring first-hand knowledge of appropriate leadership, administrative, and management competencies at the post-secondary level.

HEDL 8300. Social Context of Educational Leadership. 3 Hours.

A retrospective contemporary and prospective examination of the social, cultural, political, and philosophical contexts from which the current issues that affect schools and schooling have evolved.

HEDL 8700. Special Topics in Higher Education Leadership. 3 Hours.

Intensive study of a specialized topic related to working in higher education. can be taken twice for credit.

HEDL 8710. Directed Study in Educational Leadership. 1-3 Hours.

An intensive study in the student's field of specialization to meet individual needs and interests. No more than two directed study courses may be used in a program of study.