EDSC 7550. Theory and Pedagogy in Science Instruction. 3 Hours.

Theory and Pedagogy of Science Instruction. Examines current issues, strategies, materials, and technology related to the teaching and learning of science at the middle and secondary school levels. Science curriculum, teaching, and research in science education are investigated.

EDSC 8400. Strategies of Instruction in Science. 3 Hours.

The course explores topics such as the nature of science and of learning and the implications for teaching science, alternative uses for technology, assessment of science learning, and teaching.

EDSC 8430. Nature of Science. 3 Hours.

Students explore cultural, economic, political, and social structures and discourses as they related to science, science teaching and learning, and research in science and science teaching and learning. Course includes examination of how research in science and science education are framed and enacted within different theoretical frameworks.

EDSC 8600. Science in the School Curriculum. 3 Hours.

Acquaints teachers with the basis of curriculum decisions, the purpose and nature of science curricula, science curricula in the schools historically, current innovations and future directions, and the process of developing curricula. Emphasis will be placed on developing necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-confidence to contribute to the revitalization of science curricula.