Elementary Education Special Education

ELES 3010. Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning. 4 Hours.

Prerequisites: Appropriate 2999 course, and minimum GPA of 2.75. An introduction to the basic principles of instructional design and lesson planning, emphasizing the interrelationships among content standards, instructional objectives, planning, and assessment. The course focuses on evidence-based practices and theories in elementary instruction. A field experience is required.

ELES 3020. Assessment to Promote Student Learning. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: Appropriate 2999 course, and minimum GAP of 2.75. The study of the curriculum and assessment strategies needed for effective teaching and learning in the elementary education classroom. Candidates will develop reliable and valid assessments, make instructional plans and decisions based on data, and measure students' mastery of learning.

ELES 3100. Developmentally Appropriate Practices. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: EDUC 2999. An introduction to developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) including considerations for age appropriateness, individual appropriateness, and relevance of teaching strategies and environments to the social and cultural contexts of the children's lives. The focus of the course in on responsive classroom practices that support children in reaching challenging and achievable goals.

ELES 3210. Introduction to the Management of Learning Environments. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: Appropriate 2999 course, and minimum GPA of 2.75. Corequisite: ELED 3690, or a practicum approved at the program level. Fundamentals of creating classroom environments that are conducive to learning. The course will focus on individual and group management strategies that facilitate inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom and basic behavior management principles for students in grades P-5.