NUTR 3100. Applied Nutritional Science. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: BIOL 2651; Pre- or Co-requisite: BIOL 2652. Introduction to essential dietary nutrients and their metabolic functions. Students will explore the biochemical and physiological responses to macro and micronutrients and apply nutritional science to dietary choices for health promotion.

NUTR 3250. Special Topics in Nutrition. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Basic nutrition course or permission of Instructor. An intensive study in any area of student interest related to nutrition or a current topic relevant to nutritional science or complementary nutrition care. Topics may vary depending on selected area of nutrition.

NUTR 3300. Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. 3 Hours.

Basic nutrients and their role in fitness and health. This course focuses on the effect of nutrients and foods on physical fitness and health.

NUTR 3350. Weight Management and Behavior. 3 Hours.

Assessment and interventions for management of unhealthy weights. Emphasis is on the relationship between weight and health problems. The role of behavior change and nutritional strategies in health promotion will be discussed.

NUTR 4000. Advanced Nutritional Therapy. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: NUTR 3100 or permission of instructor. Nutritional assessment and interventions for health management in hospital and community settings. Emphasis is on therapeutic diets and physiologic responses to individual nutrients in the treatment of acute and chronic disease.

NUTR 4900. Lifecycle Nutrition. 3 Hours.

The study of nutritional needs from birth through old age. Emphasis is on factors that influence nutritional requirements for growth and development, maturation, and aging.

NUTR 4950. Community Nutrition and Health. 3 Hours.

Role of nutrition policy and research in community health and nutrition programs. Emphasis is placed on application and utilization of tools to assess, analyze, and develop programs to meet the nutrition and health needs of communities.