EURO 3234. Introduction to the EU. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the history, institutions, and policies of the European Union. The course also examines the role of the EU as a global actor, including its relations with the United States.

EURO 4130. European Union Law and Legal Systems. 3 Hours.

A study of EU legal institutions and processes in the context of international law and in comparison to those of the United States.

EURO 4160. Federalism and Multilevel Governance in the EU. 3 Hours.

A comparison of multilevel governance and policymaking in the European Union with that of the United States and other federal systems.

EURO 4230. Doing Business in the EU. 3 Hours.

A study of business protocol in the EU compared to the United States. The course focuses on institutions and rules which impact the business environment for domestic and international firms, and on how political decisions affect the business environment.

EURO 4260. European Monetary Union. 3 Hours.

An examination of the history and evolution of the European Economic and Monetary Union and its impact on the United States and the global economy.

EURO 4330. European Union Science and Technology Policy. 3 Hours.

An examination of EU science and technology policy compared to that of the United States. The course examines how governments can encourage scientific and technological innovation and whether government can (or should) try to limit or control technological innovation.

EURO 4430. European Union Environmental Policy. 3 Hours.

A survey of critical issues in EU environmental policy, including key environmental problems, the challenges of making and implementing environmental policy in the EU's multilevel governance system, and future prospects for EU environmental regulation.

EURO 4530. European Social Policy. 3 Hours.

An examination of social policy and current social policy issues and arrangements in Europe and the EU.

EURO 4630. Communications and Media in the European Union. 3 Hours.

A comparison of communications and media in the EU with the United States. The course examines media law, policies, and practices in voice telephony, the internet, and social media.

EURO 4730. European Union Foreign Policy. 3 Hours.

An examination of the foreign policy of the EU. Examines how EU foreign policy is made, the intersection of national and EU foreign policies, and EU policies regarding key issues in countries and areas of the world.

EURO 4760. United States-European Union Relations. 3 Hours.

An examination of relations between the United States and the European Union, including US-EU cooperation on global issues and the future of Transatlantic relations in a changing world.

EURO 4830. European Union Studies Capstone Course. 3 Hours.

A capstone course for students in the EU Studies certificate program. The course explores selected topics in a way that allows students to synthesize their knowledge of the EU.