SPEC 2000. Serving Students with Diverse Needs. 3 Hours.

A survey of individuals with special needs, including possible impact, causes, and characteristics of specific needs across life spans and cultural diversity. Topics include legal requirements, ethical implications, education strategies, collaboration between regular and special educators, inclusion, family involvement, and current issues relating to individuals with special needs.

SPEC 2999. Entry to the Education Profession. 0 Hours.

Graded "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory". A required non-credit course for all teacher education candidates pursuing a VSU recommendation for initial certification; must be successfully completed prior to admission to teacher education. Candidates are required to establish an electronic portfolio and provide evidence that all teacher education admission requirements have been satisfactorily met. If an "Unsatisfactory" grade is earned, the course must be repeated until a "Satisfactory" grade is received.

SPEC 3000. Serving Students with Diverse Needs. 3 Hours.

Introduction to major issues in the field of special education. Emphasis is placed on understanding the characteristics and etiologies of individuals with diverse needs and on identifying the qualities of home, school, and community environments that support these individuals in achieving their potential.

SPEC 3020. Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: SPEC 2999 or COMD 2999. A study of the general principles of applied behavior analysis including the foundations for understanding behavior, increasing appropriate behavior, and managing challenging behaviors across a variety of learning environments with individuals who have disabilities.

SPEC 3040. Legal and Ethical Issues for Special Educators. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: SPEC 2999. A study of the legal and ethical aspects of special education and services for individuals with disabilities. Topics will include an overview of the U. S. legal system; discrimination, constitutional, statutory, regulatory issues; and case law related to education.

SPEC 4000. Individualized/Independent Study. 1-3 Hours.

Study directed by faculty designed to meet identified, in- dividual needs of students.