FLED 2999. Entry to the Education Profession. 0 Hours.

Graded “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory.” A required non-credit course for all teacher education candidates pursuing a VSU recommendation for initial certification; must be successfully completed prior to admission to teacher education. Candidates are required to establish an electronic portfolio and provide evidence that all teacher education admission requirements have been satisfactorily met. If an “Unsatisfactory” grade is earned, the course must be repeated until a “Satisfactory” grade is received.

FLED 3500. Foreign Language in the Elementary School. 2 Hours.

Prerequisite: FLED 2999. Corequisite: FLED 3510. A study of current methodological and technological trends in curriculum and instruction at the elementary school level, including the traditional content-based foreign language in the elementary school (FLES) programs, foreign language exploratory programs (FLEX), and language immersion and two-way immersion programs.

FLED 3510. Elementary Classroom Laboratory. 1 Hour.

Prerequisite: FLED 2999. Corequisite: FLED 3500. Implementation and assessment of appropriate elementary (P-5) classroom activities and lessons for second language acquisition in collaboration with a primary school teacher and university member.

FLED 4500. Curriculum and Methods of Foreign Languages. 2 Hours.

Prerequisites: FLED 2999 and Senior standing. This a check-point course, and check-point requirements must be met. Corequisite: FLED 4510. Methods of teaching foreign languages at middle and the high school levels to students whose first language is English. Review of theories of second language acquisition, instructional strategies and materials, methods of evaluating proficiency and progress, curriculum, and professional organizations and resources.

FLED 4510. Classroom Laboratory. 1 Hour.

Prerequisite: FLED 2999. Corequisite: FLED 4500. Implementation and assessment of appropriate classroom activities and lessons in collaboration with a secondary teacher and university faculty.

FLED 4780. Internship in Foreign Language Education. 6 Hours.

Prerequisite: Completion of course work and consent of department. Supervised teaching experience in foreign language education providing for demonstration of teaching competency. Six hours per semester for a maximum of 2 semesters.

FLED 4790. Student Teaching. 9 Hours.

Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Corequisite: FLED 4800. The capstone experience providing an opportunity for students to implement theory and instructional practices in secondary classrooms; supervised observation, teaching, classroom management and evaluation; familiarization with the administration of a school and the school program; selection and use of appropriate instructional materials; conferences with supervisors.

FLED 4800. Senior Professional Development Seminar. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Corequisite: FLED 4790. The capstone experience requiring student teachers to reflect upon their teaching experiences through interactions with peers, secondary education professionals and other educators in their content area. The preparation and presentation of a portfolio reflecting their student teaching experience is required.