HCAD 3100. Introduction to Healthcare Informatics. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MGNT 3250 and BUSA 2100. An introduction to the concepts and competencies required in classifying, coding, managing, and analyzing diseases and procedures used by healthcare professionals in the context of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems.

HCAD 3200. Healthcare Management. 3 Hours.

An introduction to concepts and competencies required in managing direct care and non-direct care healthcare organizations.

HCAD 3400. Healthcare Financing and Insurance. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite or corequisite: HCAD 3200. Prerequisite: HCAD 3100. An introduction to the financing of healthcare delivery. Topics include various insurance settings, the biggest insurance programs, and reimbursement mechanisms.

HCAD 3600. Healthcare Information Systems and Security. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: HCAD 3100 and HCAD 3200. An introduction to the implementation, security, and management of information systems in healthcare management, with an overview of standards and components to assure quality information.

HCAD 4000. Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: HCAD 3200. The legal, regulatory and ethical requirements of providing and receiving healthcare are presented. Rights and responsibilities of healthcare stakeholders are identified and trade-offs are analyzed.

HCAD 4100. Healthcare Human Resources Management. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: MGNT 3250. Basic concepts of human resource management applied to healthcare organizations. Topics include selection of healthcare personnel; training in a clinical setting; scheduling with emphasis on shift, legal, and regulatory issues; motivation, compensation, and retention; managing shortages and surpluses; and discipline in health related professions. Additional topics are the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and organized labor in healthcare organizations.

HCAD 4977. Research in Healthcare Administration. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: BUSA 3100, and HCAD 3200. Graded "Satisfactory" or Unsatisfactory". Completion of Healthcare Administration research paper. May receive credit for the course only once. The research project, must adhere to the established Healthcare Business Administration (HCAD) Research Program Guidelines.

HCAD 4980. Internship in Healthcare Administration. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Completion of Internship Agreement Form and Senior Standing. Graded "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory". The application of healthcare administration concepts and skills in a healthcare organization. A project, approved by a faculty member and the employer is required. The student must complete a workshop with the Career Strategies Coordinator no later than the end of the first week of class. Students must adhere to the Healthcare Administration Internship Program Guidelines and may receive credit for the course only once.