READ 0099. Developmental Reading. 4 Hours.

Basic reading skills for students who have not demonstrated a level of reading ability sufficient for college work.

READ 3200. Integrating Literature and the Fine Arts in the Teaching of Reading. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: ECED 2999 or SPEC 2999. An integrated approach to the teaching of reading that incorporates aesthetic appreciation and creative expression. Emphasis is placed on methods for using children's literature and the fine arts to develop life-long readers.

READ 3500. Teaching Children to Read in the Primary Grades. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: ECED 2999 or SPEC 2999. This is a check-point course, and check-point requirements must be met. An introduction to methods of teaching young children to read with an emphasis on balanced reading instruction. Major topics include building a literacy foundation, phonic and contextual analysis, comprehension instruction, and guided reading instruction.

READ 4030. Directed Study in Reading. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: Consent of the Department Head. An opportunity for intensive individual study in the student's field of specialization.

READ 4100. Assessment and Correction of Reading Difficulties. 3 Hours.

Prerequisites: READ 3500. Emphasizes diagnostic and assessment strategies for corrective instruction with young children experiencing moderate difficulty in learning to read. Includes causes of reading disability, methods of diagnosis, and procedures for group and individual remedial work.

READ 4200. Reading and Writing to Learn in the Intermediate Grades. 3 Hours.

Prerequisite: READ 3500. Teaching strategies for comprehending and composing expository text. Emphasis is placed on teaching reading and writing across the content areas in grades 3-5. Motivating students to read and write; developing vocabulary, comprehension strategies, higher level thinking, and study skills; and utilizing technology will be addressed in relation to reading and writing expository text.

READ 4550. Reading in the Content Areas (Middle and Secondary Education). 3 Hours.

The simultaneous teaching of reading skills and course con- tent. Emphasis is placed on preparing students for content area reading assignments, providing support during reading, and promoting higher level thinking. Motivating students to read widely and developing vocabulary, reading comprehen- sion, and study skills will be dealt with in relation to the content areas.

READ 4560. Reading Theory and Current Issues. 3 Hours.

Review of the major research, theories, and current issues in reading. Reading research findings will be applied to classroom instruction.

READ 4570. Integrating Reading Assessment and Instruction in the Classroom. 3 Hours.

Planning and management of classroom literacy events based on assessment information. Emphasis includes an examination of ways of recording, and analyzing, using assessment information in daily classroom instruction and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of students from varying cultural, psychological, and linguistic background.