Mr. Stanley Jones, Registrar
University Center, Entrance 5

The Office of the Registrar maintains the academic records of students and issues transcripts of records and certificates for various governmental agencies.

Students are encouraged to check with the Registrar’s Office when questions arise concerning academic status. All students have a permanent record to which only they and authorized personnel have access, and it is to the student’s advantage to check this record periodically. Official transcripts are provided upon written request of the student. All undergraduate and graduate work constitutes a complete academic record. Portions of that record will not be deleted when transcripts are provided. All grades assigned remain on the student’s permanent record and transcript. Two weeks’ processing time should be allowed for the preparation of transcripts and certifications.

Transcripts of academic records from other universities and high schools are not provided. The student must contact previous institutions attended for those transcripts. It is also the student’s responsibility to contact testing agencies for test score reports.