Shannon L. McGee
Director of Auxiliary Services
Auxiliary Services Office Building (1200 N. Patterson St.)

As a part of the Division of Finance and Administration, the Auxiliary Services Division is responsible for providing support services to students, faculty, and staff members of the University. The Division includes University Stores, Dining Services, 1Card Services, Parking and Transportation, Vending, Camps and Conferences, and the financial management of Housing and Residence Life and Student Health Services. Administrative offices are located in the Auxiliary Services Building. Telephone 229-333-5706.

For information about 1Card Services, the Bookstore, Dining Services, Vending Services or Parking and Transportation, visit our web page

Following Regents’ policy, the Auxiliary Services Division is totally self-supporting and receives no state allocations of funds.

Dining Services

Dining Services firmly believes that today’s hard-working student should be rewarded with a dining service that makes eating on campus palate-pleasing, healthy and entertaining. With 9 dining locations and 2 on-campus convenience stores, there’s always a place to grab a bite to eat no matter where you are on campus. A VSU meal plan gives you the freedom to make your own dining decisions, with several plans to choose from, depending on your specific eating habits and lifestyle.

Resident Meal Plans

Students living on campus are asked to choose from the following plans at registration. If you do not choose a plan, the Blazer All Access plan will be chosen for you.


  • Blazer All Access: Unlimited meals per semester + $150 Dining Dollars = $2,102 
  • Blazer Platinum: 225 meals per semester + $225 Dining Dollars = $1,965
  • Blazer Gold: 160 meals per semester + $330 Dining Dollars = $1,799

Upperclass Resident Students:

  • Blazer Silver: 50 meals per semester + $775 Dining Dollars = $1,304

Apartment Resident Students (upperclassmen):

  • Blazer Bronze: 35 meals per semester + $400 Dining Dollars = $759 (Centennial Hall)

Commuter Students:

  • VSU 50: 50 meals per semester + $50 Dining Dollars = $409
    ​VSU $330: $330 Dining Dollars = $300
    VSU $550: $550 Dining Dollars = $500
  1. Residential plans come with 1 Meal Exchange at Chick Fil A, Hopper, and Centennial P.O.D. 5 PM-11 PM.
  2. All Access, Platinum, and Gold plans come with five guest meals per semester
  3. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring but expire in May.

For a complete list of meal plan prices or a map of dining locations, visit our web site

How to obtain a meal plan

You can register for your meal plan online using your Banner account during class registration or visit the Meal Plan Office, located at VSU 1Card Services. Any student living in a residence hall who does not register for a meal plan will automatically be assigned The Blazer All Access plan. Detailed instructions, dates, and information are available on our web site. For questions concerning meal plans, you may email

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are reserved for purchases at dining locations. They are designed to give you the flexibility to dine at any of our eateries or to make purchases at our 2 on-campus convenience stores, without carrying cash. Each time you make a purchase, the amount is automatically deducted from your VSU 1Card. Any unused Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring, but expire in May.

Convenience Stores

There are 2 convenience stores located on campus, Langdale P.O.D. Market and Centennial P.O.D. Market. Langdale P.O.D. Market is located on the first floor of Langdale Hall (west side) and Centennial P.O.D. Market is located on the first floor of Centennial Hall East. They provide a variety of grab and go items, snacks, grocery items, health and beauty items, and drinks.

University Stores

The VSU Bookstore in the Student Union offers all required textbooks in addition to required supplies for courses. As the official campus store, the bookstore sells a multitude of VSU-imprinted clothing and gifts as well as a growing number of other types of gifts. There is also a technology area and service department within the bookstore where students are able to buy a variety of technology products.

For more information on the Bookstore, please visit the web site

Parking and Transportation

All motorized vehicles parked on campus must have a current parking permit, which will be accessed through scanning the vehicle license plate. Parking on campus is by permit only and is a privilege that may be withdrawn for cause at any time. All campus community members (students, faculty, staff, and visitors) are responsible for knowing and obeying parking regulations. Moreover, campus citizens are responsible for their guests and should ensure that they are well aware of regulations. A parking regulations brochure (available to students, faculty, staff, and visitors) may be obtained at the Parking and Transportation Department. For details about parking lots and instructions, click here.

Campus parking and traffic regulations are enforced under the authority of Georgia Code, Section 20-3-21. Parking policies are in effect and uniformly enforced at all times. Citations are issued for infractions of parking policies. Fines may be paid at the Parking and Transportation Office, located in Level 1 of the Sustella Avenue Parking Deck (telephone: 229-293-PARK).

VSU operates a shuttle bus service. A Blazer Express Shuttle Guide, available at the Parking and Transportation Department, indicates stops, routes, and operating hours. Maps may also be found at each bus stop.

1Card Services

The 1Card is the official Valdosta State University identification card and on-campus debit card. It allows access to your assigned plans and privileges, via the magnetic strip on the back of the card. To obtain a 1Card, all students who did not receive a card at orientation must:

  • visit the 1Card Services office located in the Student Services Center;
  • be registered for classes;
  • provide two forms of identification, one of which must be a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID); and
  • have their photo taken.

A FLEX account, which may be used to purchase goods and services on and off campus, is automatically assigned to your 1Card. The FLEX account is non-transferable and may be used only by the individual whose photo appears on the front of the card. You may deposit funds in your FLEX account via credit card online only, with cash at VTS locations. You may deposit excess financial aid by logging in to your student account in Banner and designating the funds as a FLEX deposit before the published deadline date, each semester. Deduct your student account balance from your confirmed financial aid to determine if you have excess funds available to transfer to FLEX.

There is a $20 fee for all replacement cards. Two forms of identification must be provided prior to a replacement card being produced.

Detailed instructions, dates, and information may be obtained by visiting our web site