Joint Degree with Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

An Associate of Applied Science degree program with a major in dental hygiene is offered in cooperation with Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. Students enrolled in this program can earn the Associate of Applied Science degree. Upon successful completion of required course work, students are directed to apply for admission to the clinical portion of the training conducted at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. While it is recommended that all core courses be completed prior to application to the clinical program, all science courses must be completed prior to beginning the clinical training. Clinical training begins annually and starts in the fall semester. Students who complete the VSU course work are not guaranteed admission to the clinical study portion of the program at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. Admission decisions are based on competitive criteria.

Transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 21 semester credit hours at Valdosta State University.

Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. Program graduates will demonstrate an appropriate competency in dental hygiene career and technical study.
  2. Program graduates will demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and oral expression.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Program graduates are required to pass the clinical portion of their dental hygiene program at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.
  2. Program graduates are expected to pass the Dental Hygiene National Board and dental hygiene clinical examination.

University Requirements:

Area A
ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102
Composition I
and Composition II
MATH 1101Introduction to Mathematical Modeling3
or MATH 1111 College Algebra
Area D
CHEM 1151K
CHEM 1152K
Survey of Chemistry I
and Survey of Chemistry II
Area E
POLS 1101American Government3
HIST 2111United States History to 18653
or HIST 2112 United States History since 1865
Area F
SOCI 1101
PSYC 1101
Introduction to Sociology
and Introduction to General Psychology
Select one of the following:3
Communications for the Workplace
Human Communication
Public Speaking
BIOL 2251KHuman Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 2252KHuman Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 2260KMicrobiology in Health and Disease4
Total Semester Hours44