Dr. Fred Knowles, Advisor
Suite 1004, Nevins Hall

The Native American Studies minor is committed to an interdisciplinary approach in the study of Native American cultures and their contributions to the global community. The program serves students of Native American descent as well as members of the larger University community. Course offerings include anthropology, art history, history, philosophy, religion, literature, and languages, providing the basis for a greater understanding of Native American cultures. The unique interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to approach the study of Native American communities in a broad fashion. Additionally, the program will incorporate Native voices through student interaction with Native American communities in the Southeast via outreach programs, lectures, and events fostering student-community experiences.

Selected Educational Outcomes

Coursework in Native American Studies will enable students to:

  1. experience and analyze central issues and topics involving the Native American past.
  2. explain and interpret Native American value systems.
  3. explore contemporary relationships between Native American and other American cultures.
  4. write critically and logically and create independent research, synthesizing a variety of source materials.

Requirements for the Minor in Native American Studies

PHIL/REL 3610Native American Thought and Cultures3
Continental Native North America
Select one of the following:3
Indians of North America
Native American History to 1850
Native American History Since 1850
Special Topics in Native American Studies
Regional Native North America
Select one of the following:3
Colonial South
Native People in the American Southeast
U. S. Spanish Borderlands
Archaeology of Eastern North America
Special Topics in Native American Studies
Contemporary Native North America
Select one of the folllowing:3
Survey of Native American Language
Contemporary Native American Experience
Post-Colonization Issues in Indigenous Cultures
Post Colonization Issues in Indigenous Cultures
Native American Women
Native American Women
Special Topics in Native American Studies
Total Hours12

Note: The grade earned in each course in a minor must be a “C” or better.