Dr. Aubrey R. Fowler III, Program Coordinator
Room 212, Thaxton Hall

Open to students from all disciplines in the University, the Advertising and Promotion (A and P) minor provides students with a theoretical understanding of advertising as a discipline as well as a practical set of skills necessary for anyone involved in the advertising and promotion industries. At its core, it provides students with insight into the various marketing-related activities associated with advertising; however, as an interdisciplinary minor, it encourages students to pursue an understanding of advertising from other disciplines such as communications, art, journalism, mass media, and English. Ultimately, students who wish to communicate effectively in the marketplace, promote their own business or other enterprise, or just want to learn a little more about advertising and how it works will benefit from the advertising minor.

Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. A and P minors will gain an understanding of the history, culture, and impact of advertising both in America and around the world.
  2. A and P minors will analyze core concepts and topics associated with advertising and the advertising industry.
  3. A and P minors will develop the skills necessary to compose advertising plans and creative briefs as well as design and implement advertising campaigns.
  4. A and P minors will engage in critical research of advertising and its relationship to consumers.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of core issues and topics in A and P through formal written work, tests, and projects.
  2. Students will develop an A and P portfolio that demonstrates the evolution of an advertising campaign from the initial development and plan to the final advertisements.
  3. Students will discuss current issues in advertising in a cross-disciplinary manner, drawing from a variety of sources to debate such issues.

Requirements for the Minor in Advertising and Promotion 

MKTG 3050Introduction to Marketing3
MKTG 3080Content Marketing 13
MKTG 4000Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion3
MKTG 4050Creative Branding Strategy3
Electives 6
Select 6 hours from the following:
Black and White Photography
Digital Photography
Graphic Design I
Introduction to Communication Theory
Introduction to Public Relations
Grammar and Style
Technical Writing and Editing
Editing for Publications
Document Design
Introduction to Mass Media
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Advertising Culture and Ethnography
Advertising and Society
Mass Media and Popular Culture
Total Hours18