Requirements for the Latin American Studies Certificate

Student from all majors who hold a 2.80 VSU cumulative grade point average are eligible to participate in this certificate program.

Select one of the following:0-6
Culture, Conversation and Composition (and/or any Spanish courses numbered 3000 or higher)
French Grammar and Composition
SPAN 3160Civilization and Culture of Latin America3
or FREN 3500 French Oral and Written Expression
Select courses outside the student’s major from the following: 3-9
Colonial Latin America
Republican Latin America
U. S. Spanish Borderlands
The Caribbean
History of Mexico
History of Central America
History of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Politics in Developing Nations
American Foreign Policy
Model United Nations
Special Topics in Comparative Politics
Special Topics in International Politics
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Sociology
Latin American Studies
or any classes having a minimum of 25% Latin American component or 25% of the student grade reflecting research done in Latin American Studies (LAS) approved by the LAS Campus Coordinator
Study Abroad classes dealing with topics in LAS0-6
Total Hours18