Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate into simulated activities higher level office administration skills as follows:
    1. decision-making
    2. communication
    3. data management
    4. spreadsheet creation
    5. computerized accounting
    6. presentation   
    7. word processing 
    8. desktop publishing
    9. web design
    10. project management
  2. Students will demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in workplace skills.
  3. Program graduates will report an adequate level of their perceived competence with the following computer technology applications:
    1. operating system software
    2. word processing software
    3. e-mail and messaging software
    4. database software
    5. spreadsheet software
    6. presentation software
    7. desktop publishing software
    8. computerized accounting software
    9. webpage design software.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Students will be assessed on their performance on simulated activities in ACED 4160 (Administrative Office Procedures).
  2. Program interns will be assessed on their practicum experience through direct observation using a rating scale by the job site supervisor. Program interns and job site supervisors will complete a post-practicum survey designed to identify program strengths and weaknesses. Students who document experiential learning credit will be assessed through an e-portfolio that they will submit before the end of their final semester instead of through the internship.
  3.  Program graduates will respond to a survey relating their perceptions about their preparation for using a variety of computer/technology applications.

Requirements for the B.S. Degree with a Major in Office Administration and Technology

Core Curriculum60
Core Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)42
Area F Requirements
ACED 1100Introduction to Business3
ACED 2000Beginning Keyboarding3
ACED 2400Computer Technology for the Workplace3
or CS 1000 Introduction to Microcomputers and Applications
Area F Electives9
Select 9 hours of 1000- to 2000-level courses from the following: ACED, BUSA, ACCT, or transfer hours from TCSG.
All courses in Area F must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
Major Course Requirements 160
ACED 2050Communications for the Workplace3
ACED 2300Intermediate Keyboarding3
ACED 2700Desktop Publishing3
ACED 3000Office Calculations and Recordkeeping3
ACED 3101Computerized Office Accounting3
ACED 3150Computer Systems for the Office3
ACED 3400Applied Computer Technology3
ACED 3610Web Design and Multimedia3
ACED 4020Virtual Office Technology3
ACED 4050Workforce Development and Management for Technical Leaders3
ACED 4070Advanced Document Processing3
ACED 4160Administrative Office Procedures3
ACED 4820Project Management for Technical Leaders3
ACED 4300Practicum in Adult and Career Education3
or ACED 2940 Basic Admin Office Tech Skills
Guided Electives 118
6-9 hours of 3000- to 4000-level course work and 9-12 hours of 1000- to 4000-level course work.
Total hours required for the degree120