Interior design addresses the visual, technical, and aesthetic aspects of inhabited spaces. Interior design services involve the integration of art and design concepts; space analysis and planning; and knowledge of materials, furnishings, and construction to produce finished interior environments that interpret and serve the specific needs of a client. This degree curriculum focuses on the standards for professional interior design programs established by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The major is designed to offer learning opportunities structured to prepare the student for a variety of careers in the interior design profession or for graduate school. Students interested in this major are advised that the degree requires six major studios, which must be taken in sequence, one per semester. The program of study includes a required internship to be taken in the summer after completion of 90 hours. Students should plan to be advised in the Department of Art and Design as soon as they identify an interest in this major. Students must apply to be admitted to the major based on a spring semester portfolio review of Area F courses and as Department of Art and Design resources permit.

All students, including transfer students, must have an overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale after completion of 30 semester hours of college credit and the successful completion and assessment of the art foundation portfolio review.

This is a 120-hour degree program.

Selected Educational Outcomes and Competencies

Students pursuing a BFA with a major in interior design will demonstrate:

  1. skill in creative and critical thinking and problem-solving in response to visual, technical, aesthetic, and social aspects of inhabited spaces;
  2. competence in a number of media and techniques in order to effectively communicate design solutions graphically, in writing, and through verbal presentations;
  3. an understanding of the history of art and design, including contemporary theories and works;
  4. competence in analysis of information and relations, evaluating issues and setting priorities as component elements of the process of generating creative design solutions for projects of any scale and complexity;
  5. a significant sense of the principles, ethics, and processes necessary to conceptualize and create interiors that are responsive to the intellect, the senses, and the spirit of those who inhabit them and the greater context of the environment that contains them.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Freshman portfolio review of foundation level work using a criterion-based rubric.
  2. Review of semester work by program faculty using an accreditation-standards-based rubric.
  3. Review of semester work by advisory board members using an accreditation-standards-based rubric.
  4. Completion of a senior professional portfolio.
  5. Comparisons of transcript audit results with accreditation curriculum requirements.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Interior Design

Core Curriculum60
Core Curriculum Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)42
Core Curriculum Area F
ARID 1120Fundamental Concepts in Interior Design3
ART 1010Drawing I3
ART 1020Two Dimensional Design3
ART 1030Three Dimensional Design3
ART 1011Drawing II3
ART 2030Computers in Art3
Major Curriculum60
Interior Design Studio Courses
ARID 2111Interior Design Studio I3
ARID 2112Interior Design Studio II3
ARID 3111Interior Design Studio III3
ARID 3112Interior Design Studio IV3
ARID 4111Interior Design Studio V3
ARID 4112Interior Design Studio VI3
Major Core
ARID 2310Interior Design Graphics and Presentation3
ARID 2411Computers for Interior Design3
ARID 3211History of Interiors I3
ARID 3212History of Interiors II3
ARID 3320Materials for Interior Design3
ARID 3350Lighting and Building Systems3
ARID 3370Construction Methods and Building Regulations3
ARID 4000Special Topics in Interior Design3
Capstone Courses
ARID 4010Interior Design Internship3
ARID 4340Contemporary Design Issues3
ARID 4610Professional Practice3
Art History Courses
ARTH 2121Art History Survey I3
ARTH 2122Art History Survey II3
Elective: Interior Design and Related Areas3
Select 1 course (3 credit hours) from upper-level art studio courses, upper-level interior design courses, upper-level art history courses, or other related courses with the approval of the Program Coordinator and the Department Head .
Total hours for the degree120