The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional degree program that prepares the student for competency in art and art-related careers and provides opportunities for further in-depth research and study in art and design. Students enrolled in this Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are expected to develop the knowledge, skills, concepts, and sensitivities essential to the professional life of the artist or designer. In any of many possible roles, the professional must exhibit not only technical competence, but also broad knowledge of art and design, the ability to integrate knowledge and skills, and an insight into the role of art and design in intellectual and cultural life.

The BFA with a major in art is a comprehensive degree, which focuses on a common body of knowledge and skills in art studio and art history coursework. This is a 120-hour degree program.

Selected Educational Outcomes and Competencies

Students pursuing a BFA with a major in art will:

  1. demonstrate advanced skill in one or more areas of art production.
  2. demonstrate competence with principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements in two- and three-dimensions, color theory and its applications, and drawing.
  3. present work that demonstrates perceptual acuity, conceptual understanding, and technical facility at a professional entry level in their chosen field(s).
  4. demonstrate familiarity with the historical achievements, current major issues, processes, and directions of their field(s).
  5. exhibit their work and participate in discussions of their work and the work of others.
  6. demonstrate a working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their studies in art.
  7. demonstrate their competence by developing a senior project or final presentation in the major area of study.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Assessment and evaluation of art works produced.
  2. Senior exhibition and presentation review by committee using a criterion-based rubric.
  3. Departmental review of student competition exhibition using a criterion-based rubric.
  4. Comparisons of transcript audit results with accreditation curriculum requirements.
  5. Review of selected artists’ statements and art history research papers.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Art

Core Curriculum60
Core IMPACTS (See VSU Core Curriculum)42
Core Field of Study
ART 1010Drawing I3
ART 1020Two Dimensional Design3
ART 1011Drawing II3
ART 1030Three Dimensional Design3
ART 2030Computers in Art3
ARTH 2121Art History Survey I3
Major Curriculum60
ART 3061Ceramics I3
ART 3081Sculpture I3
or ART 3101 Jewelry and Metalsmithing I
ART 3071Black and White Photography3
or ART 3072 Digital Photography
ART 3091Graphic Design I3
ART 3041Painting I3
ART 3023Figure Drawing3
ART 3051Printmaking I3
ART 4170Professional Preparation1
ART 4171Senior Exhibition Seminar1
ART 4172Senior Portfolio Presentation1
ARTH 2122Art History Survey II3
ARTH 4150Contemporary Art History3
Art History (ARTH) Electives3
Studio Electives 18-27
Art History and Criticism Electives0-9
Total hours required for the degree120