This program is designed for individuals who have obtained a master’s degree or education specialist degree in another program area and are now interested in becoming eligible for Media Specialist Certification. Initial certification in this area is generally at the master’s level (S-5); there is no certification at the baccalaureate level. Individuals who hold a master’s degree or an education specialist degree who complete all of the requirements for initial Media Specialist certification will be eligible to be certified at the S-5 or S-6 levels.

Requirements for Certification Only—School Library Media

Corequisites: ITED 7204 or an approved P-12 literature course and SPEC 2000/7000 or GaPSC approved course for the Exceptional Child

A transcript evaluation is required to determine a program of study for non-degree/certification only applicants.

Professional Education3
EDUC 59990
CIED 70603
Instructional Technology Core9
ITED 72003
ITED 73003
ITED 74003
Courses in Area of Specialization12
ITED 72013
ITED 72023
ITED 72033
ITED 72043
ITED 7299
Total Hours27

27 semester hours are contingent on results of transcript evaluation