The faculty trains students in the application of psychological principles and approaches to solve a wide variety of human problems in organizational settings. Through course work and field placements, students appreciate the importance of designing work environments and behavioral systems that maximize employee effectiveness, satisfaction, and well-being. Program graduates are prepared for positions in the public and private sectors, or to seek more advanced training.

Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. Program graduates will collect, summarize, analyze, and interpret data utilizing univariate and multivariate statistical procedures.
  2. Program graduates will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, research, and theories appropriate to the M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology by developing written responses to program questions.
  3. Program graduates will develop, administer, and evaluate tests and assessment techniques as related to personnel and organizational issues.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Candidates will successfully develop data analyses in several courses, including research design, to be assessed by faculty members.
  2. Candidates will successfully develop a portfolio that requires the application of the knowledge gained from a series of courses. The portfolio will be evaluated by a committee of faculty, using established criteria.
  3. Candidates will be assessed by their practicum and faculty supervisors on the assignments performed in their industrial/organizational practica.

Requirements for Master of Science Degree with a Concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Required Courses54
IOPY 5500Statistical Methods in Psychology3
IOPY 5800Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
IOPY 7050Consulting in Industrial-Organizational Psychology I3
IOPY 7060Consulting in Industrial-Organizational Psychology 23
IOPY 7080Group Dynamics3
IOPY 7090Organizational Development3
IOPY 7600Personnel Selection3
IOPY 7610Performance Appraisal3
IOPY 7690Professional Issues in I/O Psychology3
IOPY 7961I/O Psychology Practicum I3
IOPY 7962I/O Psychology Practicum 23
IOPY 8000Research Design and Analysis3
IOPY 8100Research Methods in I/O Psychology3
IOPY 8110Psychometrics3
IOPY 8350Psychology of Motivation3
IOPY 8360Human Resource Development3
IOPY 8370Human Factors Psychology3
IOPY 8380Employment Law and Personnel Practices3
Guided Electives6
Total hours required for the degree60