Broadcast and digital communications impact every aspect of our lives, from listening to the radio or streamed content to watching television to using the Internet. The B.F.A. with a major in Mass Media is designed to provide the knowledge, values, perspectives, and skills necessary to transition seamlessly from the academic environment to the digital and broadcast communications arena. Students are involved in content creation and delivery.

The B.F.A. with a major in Mass Media at VSU offers numerous productions throughout the year, providing students with significant performance experience.

Beyond technical learning, students learn important skills such as collaboration, writing, storytelling, planning, budgeting, presentation, and research skills.

Grade Point Average Requirement for the BFA with a Major in Mass Media

Students who declare a major in Mass Media must earn a grade point average of 2.50 or better on Area F courses. Students who earn less than a 2.50 GPA in Area F courses will be asked to switch to another major or will automatically be changed to an undeclared major status.

Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the acquisition of historic, cultural, and critical perspectives on the media.
  2. Students will demonstrate skills in the analysis of broadcast program syntax and broadcast systems and their applications.
  3. Students will demonstrate skills required for the production and delivery of broadcast programming and management.
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of professional opportunities for employment in the broadcast industries.

Examples of the Outcomes Assessments

Concluding curricular experiences for the major will include:

  1. Participation in professionally oriented broadcast media program productions.
  2. Development of materials geared to the individual student’s professional career goals or post-graduation plans.
  3. A capstone portfolio presentation exhibiting advanced technical or performance skills and assessing personal strengths and weaknesses.

Requirements for the B.F.A. with a Major in Mass Media

Core Curriculum60
Core Curriculum Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)42
Core Curriculum Area F18
COMM 1100Human Communication3
MDIA 2000Introduction to Mass Media3
MDIA 2050Introduction to Electronic Media Production3
MDIA 2100Introduction to Media Writing3
MDIA 2350Media and Culture3
MDIA 2500Computer Mediated Communication3
Senior College Curriculum60
Media Core15
MDIA 3350Aesthetics of Electronic Media3
MDIA 4100Media Economics and Management3
MDIA 4200Media Law and Ethics3
MDIA 4400Media Criticism3
Select one of the following:3
Selected Topics in Mass Media
Diversity in Media
International Media
Major Requirements 45
Media Content Creation
MDIA 3100Writing for Media II3
Select three of the following:9
Social Media
Transmedia Storytelling
Sports, News and Entertainment Announcing
Media Research and Audience Analysis
Newswriting and Reporting
Introduction to Sportswriting
MDIA 3001Media Production I3
MDIA 3002Media Production II3
MDIA 3003Media Production III3
Select two of the following:6
News Workshop
Audio Workshop
Video Workshop
Documentary Workshop
Sports Workshop
New Media Workshop
Senior Projects6
Digital Media Production Capstone
Senior Seminar
Guided Electives 12
Total hours required for the degree120