ECON 2105. Principles of Macroeconomics. 3 Hours.

An introduction to macroeconomic concepts and their application to aggregate economic activity. Factors influencing rates of economic growth, employment, and inflation are emphasized. Measures of aggregate economic activity and policies to control it are covered.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Applied Economics

Courses in economics (1) provide an understanding of the economic processes that provide the foundation for our business, political, and social behavior; (2) teach students how to acquire, process, and analyze information; and (3) provide a rigorous preparation for management careers in business and government and for graduate study in economics, business administration, and law.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in International Business

T he international business major is designed to prepare students for careers in international business. The major integrates international business topics and theories with other functional areas of business and will serve to develop students’ foreign language skills; to develop their understanding of global, cultural, and political issues; and provide the experience of living in another culture.


...3 or better ECON 2106 3 Macroeconomics 3 or better ECON 2105 3 English English...

Core Curriculum

...United States History II ECON 2105: Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2105 : Principles of Macroeconomics HIST...