Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. Candidates demonstrate a strong knowledge of content area(s) appropriate to their certification levels.
  2. Candidates use assessment and research to make data- / evidence-based decisions to ensure the continuous development of all learners.
  3. Candidates create positive learning environments for all learners.
  4. Candidates use their knowledge of students and their learning to design and plan appropriate learning experiences for all learners.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Candidates demonstrate content knowledge through course-based content assessment.
  2. Candidates demonstrate effective use of data and research to make data- / evidence-based decisions through completion of a review of current literature.
  3. Candidates demonstrate positive learning environments through video-taped evidence.
  4. Candidates demonstrate positive impact on learners through an applied research project.

Admission Deadlines

  • Fall Deadline: July 15
  • Spring Deadline: November 15
  • Summer Deadline: April 15

Requirements for the Ed.S. Degree with a Major in Special Education

Core Courses12
EDUC 5999Professional Orientation0
SPEC 8010Readings in Issues of the Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities3
Select one of the following:6
Advanced Capstone Experience
and Elective
Approved Elective3
Required Specialization Courses 12
SPEC 8020Characteristics of Effective School Structures for Children and Youth with Disabilities3
SPEC 8030Leadership in Special Education Programs3
SPEC 8040Using Technology for Professional Development in Special Education3
SPEC 8050Co-Teaching in Special Education3
Research Requirements6
RSCH 7100Research Methodology in Education3
SPEC 8060Single Subject Designs for Special Education Research3
Total Hours Required for the Degree30