The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers an innovative program for R.N. students, the R.N. Preference Pathway, which allows R.N. students to pursue the B.S.N. degree and complete the degree requirements in one academic year. The program is offered in a fully online format. Please contact the college directly for information about this pathway.

Requirements for the B.S.N. Degree -- R.N.-B.S.N. Pathway

Core Curriculum60
Core Curriculum, Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)42
Nursing students must take the science requirements noted for Area D.2.b.
Core Curriculum Area F
BIOL 2651Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 2652Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 2900Microbiology in Health and Disease4
Nursing Elective3
MATH 2620Statistical Methods 10-3
Guided electives selected from the following:0-3
PSYC 2103Introduction to Human Development3
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology 23
PSYC 1101Introduction to General Psychology 23
Senior College Curriculum60
NURS 3104RN-BSN Pathophysiology for the Practicing Nurse3
NURS 3105RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development I3
NURS 3106RN-BSN Health Assessment Across the Lifespan4
NURS 3216RN-BSN Health and Well-Being of Older Adults2
NURS 4104RN-BSN Nursing Informatics3
NURS 4105RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development II: Research and Evidence Based Practices3
NURS 4204RN-BSN Community Health Nursing Care4
NURS 4205RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development III: Leadership & Management3
NURS 4226RN-BSN Professional Nursing Practice5
Students meeting the requirements of the Georgia R.N. Articulation Agreement may receive a minimum of 30 semester hours of NURS credit to complete the total number of 120 hours required for the B.S.N. degree30
Total hours required for the degree120