The international business major is designed to prepare students for careers in international business. The major integrates international business topics and theories with other functional areas of business and will serve to develop students’ foreign language skills; to develop their understanding of global, cultural, and political issues; and provide the experience of living in another culture.

Selected Educational Outcomes

International Business majors will

  1. demonstrate basic reading and conversational skills in a language other than their native language;
  2. demonstrate knowledge of cultural differences as they relate to conducting business in a global context;
  3. demonstrate knowledge of basic international trade and related concepts.

Assessment of educational outcomes will be the responsibility of the faculty teaching courses in the international business curriculum. Methods used to assess the outcomes will include examinations, quizzes, oral presentations, written assignments, and projects.

Requirements for the B.B.A. in International Business

Core Curriculum60
Core Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum) 142
Area F Requirements 218
Introduction to Business
Fundamentals of Computer Applications
and The Environment of Business
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Accounting I
and Principles of Accounting II
International Business Major Curriculum60
Senior College Curriculum 221
BUSA 2100Applied Business Statistics3
BUSA 3100Business Analytics3
FIN 3350Financial Management3
MKTG 3050Introduction to Marketing3
MGNT 3250Management and Organization Behavior3
International Option3
Select one of the following:
International Economics
Multinational Corporate Finance
International Management
International Marketing
BUSA 2999Career Development0
BUSA 3999Experiential Learning0
BUSA 4900Business Policy3
Required International Business Core 215
IB 3000Introduction to International Business3
Take the three courses from the following not taken above for the International Option:9
International Economics
Multinational Corporate Finance
International Marketing
International Management
Required Business Concentration 29
Select an area of concentration from ACCT, ECON, FIN, MGNT, or MKTG. In the chosen area, select any three 3000- or 4000-level courses not required above.
Required Foreign Language 29
These 9 hours are in addition to the 3 hours required in Area C. All foreign language courses must be from the same language, through at least the 2002 level, with a “C” or better. With approval, students proficient in a foreign language may instead choose from the Cross-Cultural Studies courses or any 3000- or 4000-level business course not taken above.
General Electives6
Electives may consist of business and/or non-business courses.
Required International Experience0
With approval, this requirement can be met with the Summer Study Abroad Program, semester exchange, international internship, internationally oriented service learning opportunity, or foreign living or working experience. If the student completes the required international experience with an international internship, a study abroad, or an international service opportunity, it will fulfill the BUSA 3999 requirement.
Total hours required for the degree120