Selected Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, EMAC graduates will be able to:

  1. analyze communication needs of the audience, then design and implement programs to satisfy those needs.
  2. analyze and evaluate different cultural, historical, and ethical perspectives in communication.
  3. demonstrate knowledge and application of communication and media theories that inform practices in traditional and emerging media.
  4. demonstrate skill in the use of emerging forms, tools, and methods of communication.
  5. produce effective communicatoin that meets current standards of correctness and style and presents material appropriate to the target audience.
  6. create mediated messages and expression appropriate to the area of emphasis.

Examples of Outcomes Assessment

  1. Students will demonstrate competency in the planning, production, and presentation of complex media campaigns; in EMAC 4952 (Emergent Media Senior Capstone) students will compile a final portfolio of work completed during their program to be evaluated by the instructor and classmates. 

  2.  In EMAC 3000 ( Mass Communication Theory), students will complete a research paper demonstrating skill in using mass communication theory and research, as it relates to emergent media.

  3.  In EMAC 4340 (Emerging Media Business Practices), students will demonstrate competency in effective communication with others, in analysis and practice of ethical communication, and in analysis of communication that results from complex social organizations. 

Requirements for the B.F.A. in Emergent Media and Communication

Core Curriculum Areas A-E (see VSU Core Curriculum)42
Core Curriculum Area F18
Human Communication
Introduction to Mass Media
Fundamentals of Emerging Communication
Writing for Emerging Media
International Communication
Research in the Digital Age I
Upper Division Core
EMAC 3000Mass Communication History and Theory3
EMAC 3020Managing Communication Processes3
EMAC 3040Critical Approaches to Emerging Media3
EMAC 3060Research in the Digital Age II3
EMAC 3080Visual Communication3
EMAC 4000Emerging Media Ethics and Law3
EMAC 4100Digital Media I: Dynamic Design3
EMAC 4200Digital Media II: Convergent Design3
Major Requirements
EMAC 4220Advocacy, Civic Engagement, and Emerging Media3
EMAC 4240Research Analytics and Performance3
EMAC 4300Digital Media III: Emergent Design3
EMAC 4320Business Practices Emergent Media3
EMAC 4340Emerging Media for Professionals3
Capstone Seminar
EMAC 4952EMAC Seminar3
Guided Electives18
Total Credits Required for the Degree120