The Minor in Aerospace Studies is offered to any student completing the course of study listed below. The minor not only prepares cadets for active duty service but also provides students the opportunity to study one of our country’s major instruments of power, the United States Military. Students will gain a broad perspective of the Air Force and its use as an instrument of national power by studying its history, organizations, missions, and operations.

Minor in Aerospace Studies

Lower Division Courses
AS 1001Foundations of the U.S. Air Force I1
AS 1002Foundations of the U.S. Air Force II1
AS 2001The Evolution of U.S. Air and Space Power I1
AS 2002The Evolution of U.S. Air and Space Power II1
Upper Division Courses
AS 3001Leadership Studies I3
AS 3002Leadership Studies II3
AS 4001National Security Affairs3
AS 4002Preparation for Active Duty3
Also recommended: one elective selected from the following:
United States Constitutional History
History of the Vietnam War
American Foreign Policy
Global Security Policy
National Security Administration and Policy
Total Hours16