GEOL 3020. Global Climate Change. 3 Hours.

Also offered as GEOG 3020. Prerequisites: GEOG 1112K and either GEOG 1113K or GEOL 1121K. An overview of global climate change based on changes to the Earth’s atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere. This course provides an analysis of past climates in the geologic, biologic, and hydrologic record, the impact of fossil fuel utilization on climate over the last 250 years, and links to ice sheets and oceans. The course examines implications of global climate change on the human population, including diseases and severe weather, as well as biogeography, including the extinction of threatened species.

Engineering Studies

...COMM 1100 and ENGL 3020 : recommended but not...1107L , CHEM 1212 , or GEOL 1121K . Valdosta State...