Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Dance

The B.F.A. with a major in Dance prepares students for a broad range of opportunities, including performance, choreography, teaching, arts administration, and dance/movement therapy. The Dance program at VSU offers numerous productions throughout the year, providing students with significant performance and choreography experience. Graduates learn a host of life skills, including collaboration, working to deadlines, self-discipline, patience, perseverance, analytical skills, and critical thinking.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Communication

The B.F.A. with a major in Communication with an emphasis on Organizational Communication or Interpersonal Communication prepares students for a wide variety of professional careers. Through the study of the theory and practice of communication, students in the Communication major gain expertise in the skills most valued in the 21st-century workplace. Students learn team leadership, decision making, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, presentational skills, persuasion, research, writing, technology, and intercultural communication by examining communication in multiple contexts. With the B.F.A. in Communication, students are prepared to move directly from the academic to the organizational environment. For information on careers in Communication, please visit the department website.

Core Curriculum

...Area B Arts, Humanities, and Ethics eCore VSU Equivalent ARTS 1100 ART 1100 ENGL 2111...


...Art 3 or better ART 1010 3 History of Art 3 or better ART 1100...

ARTS 1100. Art Appreciation. 3 Hours.

Course focuses on fostering an awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the visual arts. Through exposure to cross-cultural art images throughout history, students will build a global artistic vocabulary that allows for the constructive analysis of art objects. Students will gain an understanding of the influence of art on other important aspects of culture including politics, history, religion, and science.

ART 1100. Introduction to the Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

An introductory survey of world art from prehistory to the contemporary period. Credit for this course may not be used to satisfy requirements for area F or senior curriculum requirements for ART or ARED majors.