Application Deadlines:

Fall: July 1
Spring: November 1

Summer: April 1

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Students may be accepted as probationary students in the Department of English. In order to be accepted as such, students must meet either the minimum GPA or GRE requirements. Moreover, students must submit a three-page essay to the Department of English, detailing (a) career goals and (b) academic interests. Probationary acceptance is provisional and at the discretion of the Graduate Committee.

Required Courses30
ENGL 7005Research Methods in English Studies for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7200American Literature for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7100British Literature for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7400Multicultural Literature for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7500Creative Writing for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7610Composition Theory for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7620Rhetorical Theory for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7710English Language Change Past and Present for Language Arts Teachers3
ENGL 7720English Grammar for Language Arts Teachers3
Select one of the following:3
Special Topics in British Literature for Language Arts Teachers
Special Topics in American Literature for Language Arts Teachers
Special Topics in Creative Writing for Language Arts Teachers
History of Rhetorical Theory for Language Arts Teachers
Language in School, Community, and Society for Language Arts Teachers
The Study of English Language Learners for Language Arts Teachers and Other Professioinals
Electives (may include up to 3 credit hours from outside the program)6
Total Required for the Degree36

Students seeking the M.A. in English Studies as a second master’s degree must satisfy all the requirements for the Master of Arts in English Studies.

T-5 Certification

Students wishing to obtain T-5 certification may do so after the completion of the M.A. program, provided they have a T-4 certificate and complete the professional education courses required for T-5 certification by the State Department of Education.