SEEC 5050. Assistive Technology. 2 Hours.

A study of various applications of technology for young children with disabilities that support inclusive services. Topics to be addressed include assistive technology assessment of young children with disabilities, selection and use of a variety of forms of assistive technology, and methods of securing funding for assistive technology.

SEEC 5120. Issues and Trends for Identification and Special Delivery to All Young Children. 3 Hours.

A study of critical issues and trends in the field of inclusive early childhood education. Topics addressed include developmentally appropriate practices, assessment practices, service delivery, and program evaluation.

SEEC 5170. Methods of Teaching All Preschool Children. 3 Hours.

A thorough study of the philosophical and practical base of effective, developmentally appropriate, inclusive programs for children ages birth to 5. Topics include programmatic assessment, curricular and program development and implementation (incorporating IFSP/IEP development), family participation, and progress monitoring.