SAHE 7860. Student Development Theory. 3 Hours.

This course studies the development of the individual postsecondary education student. The major philosophies of student and individual development will be examined, in light of current adult development theories. The emphasis of the course will be on the specialized and development needs of the postsecondary education student.

SAHE 7870. Student Personnel Service in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Development and organization of student personnel services in institutions of higher learning. The emphasis of the course is upon the philosophy, methods, and techniques used in their operation.

SAHE 7880. Counseling in Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

Experiences in helping skills and interventions techniques, skills in designating and implementing individual and group interventions, and skills in developing mentoring relationships. Emphasis is placed on basic counseling skills and techniques for work in student affairs setting.

SAHE 7890. Technology in Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

Technology-based projects and strategies to support teaching and working with diverse learners. Class activities will enhance learning concerning ever-changing culture and inclusion. Use of the Internet and print resources will enable the students to participate in analysis and critique of different management and planning strategies.